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NAVIGATOR System at Intar Inc.

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Case Study: Business NAVIGATOR System at Intar Inc. | Archman

Document workflow along with task and project management are some of the biggest difficulties that are faced by the companies that serve many individual and business clients while consisting of many departments with specific duties that have to cooperate.

An example of such a firm is Intar, a trade and service company that is a leader in the production materials distribution for the furniture manufacturing industry. We established cooperation with Intar after one of the conferences we attended.

Our common goals

Intar employs over 350 people in 8 departments located in the following cities: Ostrów Wielkopolski (company headquarters), Syców, Kępno, Dobrodzień, Kraków, Wrocław, Olsztyn and Kalisz. Our project adapted to the company operation was aimed at improving the handling and describing of cost invoices, which in turn made it possible to obtain the data needed by the controlling department to prepare detailed controlling reports. Other achieved goals included improving the efficiency and effectiveness of communication between individual departments, organized documentation, and reduced paper consumption in the company, which resulted in lower expenses related to the company running. We offered the client to implement the NAVIGATOR system, supporting digital document management and project and task management. Moreover, we recommended including the Business Intelligence module, which we plan to implement after changing the existing ERP system.

NAVIGATOR INTAR implementation

Problem solution

Improvement of the document workflow in Intar with the use of Workflow and Documents modules made it possible to resign from the invoice in the paper forms. We replaced it with digital documentation. Before we implemented the system, invoices were received by the company with delays, which, in turn, delayed the payment of suppliers. The documents in the paper form then were processed between departments and units, which was taking a long time. The implementation of the NAVIGATOR system eliminated this problem and thus significantly improved the control of invoices. Now, the invoices are sent to several people in the company, and therefore quick approval is possible. Due to numerous units, multi-level acceptance is required, which is why our system has also been effective at the document approval stage. The Workflow module also improved communication between the accounting department and other departments. The mini-forum next to the document allows you to explain of any doubts regarding the file. In addition, the company uses a credit limit application to decide whether a new counterparty can receive the requested credit limit amount. NAVIGATOR has therefore replaced e-mail that was previously used for these purposes. As a result, there was an improvement in communication and cooperation between the sales department and the credit control department. The process of setting credit limits has been widely automated.

The company gained a digital files repository. The electronic archive stores files, document templates, instructions, and procedures, to which authorized employees have access. This way, the company documentation has been efficiently organized. For quick access, all the documents have been divided into categories. Authorized employees also have access to the newly created archive of contracts. Project and task management module implementation allowed employees to stay informed about the duties assigned to them. In addition, it provides a possibility to control their progress status on an ongoing basis.

Tangible Effects

The implementation of the NAVIGATOR system set the organization in order. The introduction of the Workflow, Documents, and Projects and tasks modules made it possible to achieve the intended goals. We’ve noticed an improvement in document management and its control by the heads of individual departments and divisions. After obtaining tools supporting communication between employees, the company noted an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. Selected processes have been automated, the company now has better cost control and can use controlling data to make better business decisions. Soon, we plan to implement Business Intelligence solutions. ‘Intar, thanks to the ability to define ad hoc processes, treats the Navigator system as a flexible tool that it will certainly develop in the coming years.’

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