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ECM / Workflow

It supports the process of data capture (OCR), management of their flow (Workflow/ BPM), group work (version control, communication), storage (distributed repositories ) and information distribution (intranet, extranet, e-mail, API).
Business Navigator - podgląd
Tworzenie aplikacji dzięki Business Navigator

Platform for rapid application development (RAD)

Allows you to easily and quickly build your own business applications without coding skills (no-code). However, for programmers, it offers unlimited possibilities to integrate with other systems and create your own extensions thanks to the provision of an advanced API.

Business Intelligence & Machine Learning

It supports the process of budgeting and data analysis (pivot tables, dashboards). It has a built-in data warehouse with OLAP cubes dedicated for different areas and machine learning mechanisms
Działanie software Business Navigator

Technologies we use

100% in the browser

All functionalities available from any browser, do not require installation on end users’ computers

Responsiveness and mobility

Content and appearance adjusts to the size of the screen (large /small monitor, tablet, telephone). The mobile version requires no additional service

No-code, low-code

The construction of forms, processes, applications is based on visual wizards. Only very advanced actions may require coding


The system is equipped with 2 built-in OCR engines – Google (free) and ABBYY Flexi Capture (additionally payable per page)

Integration with Office365

You can integrate users, groups, contacts, applications with Office365. Files can be edited online in Word, Excel

Modern interface

The key components have a user interface created on the modern Angular framework (Google), which is fast and ergonomic. The other components are based on a reliable ASP.NET platform


The key components are built on the .NET Core framework , which allows you to host it on a cheaper than Windows server (e.g. Linux) and use a cheaper database than SQL Server (e.g. Postgres )


System interface can be translated into any language. The applications created by the client can also be translated into many languages


You can define many legal entities using the system. For each, it is possible to specify a separate file, chart of accounts and a repository of documents

Dynamic permissions

In addition to static permissions (to category, document, tasks, etc.), the system dynamically allocates permissions during workflow

SQL and NTFS repository

Files can be stored in a database or on any NTFS server. You can implement many stores for diversification and cost optimization purposes


Files can be edited directly in the system. File repositories can be viewed and searched using Windows Explorer as a network drive


The system provides extensive API, which gives the possibility of integrating it with other systems in the company as well as creating highly personalized extensions

Business Intelligence (OLAP)

The system offers the possibility of advanced and rapid reporting thanks to a dedicated data warehouse and OLAP technology

Context search

You can search resources with a global search engine (such as Google). Text fields and any attachments are searchable as well

Machine Learning

The system can learn the organization: recognize and classify documents, suggest actions (e.g. approve / reject) and even recognize risky activities (e.g. stealing data)