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ewidencja sprzętu komputerowego w firmie


For IT people Business Navigator has two key functions. First, it supports workflow in IT departments (repair orders, equipment records, projects, tasks etc.). Secondly, it opens up completely new possibilities of application development within the company.
Popular elements:

IT resources

IT contractors

IT contracts

Inventory reports

Resource requests

Resource reservations

Failure reports

IT investment budgets

IT service and maintenance budgets

Purchase requests



Team tasks

IT project management



Key functionalities in this area:

Monitoring of maintenance costs of information systems and equipment

Monitoring of IT contracts (expiry, invoices assigned, etc.)

Labeling of IT equipment using QR codes (recognition by phone reads basic information about the device and redirects to the system to check details)

Analysis of the use, defectiveness, costs of IT equipment using dashboards and pivot tables

Assigning tasks to colleagues and managing complex investment projects

Automatic calculation of the investment budget based on investment applications

The most often created applications in this area:


Application maintenance system

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