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Business Intelligence

In Business Navigator you have an access to a set of tools for building professional BI solutions. As a part of the implementation, we design and build a dedicated data warehouse in the SQL Server environment by connecting it to all data sources important for the client. We optimize budgeting processes using dynamic worksheets, workflow procedures and scenarios.

We support complex cost and revenue breakdown mechanisms that are applicable to plan and execution in order to determine a multilevel margin. All this is organized within an ergonomic platform that can be operated using any web browser.

Why BI in Navigator?

Professional 3-tier architecture of data warehouse according to the best Microsoft standards.

Efficiency guaranteed by OLAP or In-Memory technologies.

Working in Excel or through a web browser.

Advanced cost and revenue breakdown schemes.

Support for various (bottom-up, top-down, mixed) budgeting models.

How does it work?






Data update (e.g. once a day)

Multidimensional analysis

Data warehouse

Permission management

Multidimension alanalysis

OLAP Finances

OLAP Production

OLAP Documents

Permission management

BI modules

Data Warehouse

  • collecting data from various systems
  • checking data consistency
  • OLAP and In-memory technology
  • static and dynamic reports
  • operations on reports in Excel or through
    a web browser
  • intelligent permission management
  • e-mail report subscriptions
Hurtowania danych w oprogramowaniu Business Inteligence


  • planning process management
  • financial and material plans
  • automatic budget consolidation
  • automatic comparison of plans with real values
  • deviation cause analysis
  • definable budget workflow paths
Budżetowanie za pomocą systemu Business Inteligence

Cost breakdown

  • cost breakdown management outside accounting systems
  • supports Activity Based Costing
  • comprehensive cost-driver management
  • multilevel breakdown schemes
Zarządzanie rachunkiem kosztów za pomocą narzędzi Business Inteligance

Integration with external systems

We connect ourselves with external systems in two ways to synchronize registers, documents and files. Integration may be done:

  • Periodically (e.g. every hour, especially for registers)
  • On-line (going to an external system after saving in Navigator)

Which systems has Navigator been integrated with so far:

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