NAVIGATOR in the aviation Industry. A case study of implementation at LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services

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Learn how LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services (LOTAMS), part of the Polish Aviation Group, is setting standards in the aviation industry with its comprehensive support services. As an independent entity since 2010, LOTAMS continues to expand its offerings, guided by customer requirements and changing industry trends.

With a focus on highly qualified personnel and EASA certification, LOTAMS employs more than 1,000 professionals capable of providing uninterrupted core service lines and full support. Their recognition as the only certified project organization in Poland (Part-21J) positions them as the preferred MRO base for airlines worldwide.

Learn how LOTAMS sought an innovative solution for electronic document management and archiving, leading to the successful implementation of NAVIGATOR. By streamlining HR processes and integrating cutting-edge technology, LOTAMS achieved new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Download the full case study to see LOTAMS’ journey toward aviation excellence, driven by a strategic partnership with Archman. See how their commitment to quality and compliance continues to drive success in the ever-changing aviation landscape.

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Experienced salesman, fascinated with digital transformation and new technological trends. Daily he explores secrets of document circulation digitalization and workflow automation and expands the sales network of the Business NAVIGATOR system. Graduate from the College of Economics And Computer Science in Cracow, he develops his competencies in the area of business process engineering at Warsaw School of Information Technology. In the firm, he acts as a NAVIGATOR Sales Leader in Poland.

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