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RAD App Builder


Have an application idea that is crucial for your business development? Don’t waste your time searching for a team of programmers, making cost estimates and cost approvals. With no-code/low-code technology, you can implement your own application ideas to improve business processes without the need for programming skills.

NAVIGATOR provides a set of intuitive tools enabling you to build applications in an extremely short time. Applications built in no-code/low-code technology are safe, easy to maintain, and simple to modify.

Build an app in a few simple steps:

Form builder

Create a data gathering form or use a built-in one. You can still use a library of pre-defined templates while creating your own custom form.

Personalized lists

You decide how to organize, sort, and visualize the information. Make searching within the system intuitive and effortless.

Document templates

Define what fields in the form should be visible or hidden, editable, or required. Manage the permissions, numbering schemes, or data transformation.

Customizable desktops

Personalize the existing desktops by adding the widgets you need the most or design your own. Make sure you have quick access to all the tools.

Tailor-made workflow

Different processes require different workflow paths. Tailor-made workflows are just a few clicks away. Improve your team productivity.

Advanced analytics

Don’t just adjust to reality, but forecast the future by implementing advanced analytics into your decision-making process. Create reports and dashboards populated with data from OLAP cubes.

Why is a no-code/low-code platform ideal for business?

  • No-code/low-code technology is perfect for application development aimed to optimize business processes.
  • Users themselves can create relevant solutions, taking into account their real needs.
  • No-code/low-code application development saves time significantly and reduces the costs of developing a proprietary solution.

  • NAVIGATOR enables you to develop an application without IT department support. All you need is an idea.
  • Applications development and adaptation to the evolving market or organizational environment becomes much faster and easier.
  • Code minimization equals errors minimization.
  • Modular (LEGO-type) applications require less documentation.

Considering buying the NAVIGATOR system?

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