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System update version 6.6 NAVIGATOR

It is the sixth month of this year, so the version 6.6 of the NAVIGATOR system could not be missing. What have the programmers created for us this time? Find out below:

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  • The calendar view on the list has been expanded. The user can open the document directly from the calendar by double-clicking on it
  • From now on, the administrator of the module or the person creating the survey can add permissions to edit or view it for other users on the same basis as for other objects in the system.
  • Process configuration has been expanded. If the process is run according to the schedule, the designer can additionally select how often the process will run
  • An action has been added that converts a Word attachment into a PDF attachment, e.g. to sign the attachment at a process step
  • A new built-in field has been added – Own bank account, which allows you to insert your own bank account number into the document


  • The action of generating a printout based on a Word template has been extended
  • Support for correction invoices has been added to the action of sending to KSeF
  • Expansion of the action of downloading documents from KSeF by the possibility of controlling what type of documents are created in the system
  • Actions have been added that allow you to download from the UPO the date of submission to KSeF and the date of registration in KSeF
  • Ability to approve a workflow step by the process owner
  • From now on, the system designer can define how the form for a new document will be displayed
  • The functionality of automatically sending notifications about a pending task has been added when the task has been transferred to another contractor
  • After switching, the user stays on the page he was on, unless the permissions of the person to whom we are switching are not sufficient to display the object
  • Hints have been added in the System Configuration Update tab.
  • The operation of the substitution control on the document has been changed. In the current version, the Copy button is available for two items in the table
  • Instead of opening in a new window, the attachment opens in a popup
  • The contractor’s control has been expanded, a button has been added that downloads the latest version of the contractor’s data from the database

More detailed information is provided in our technical documentation.

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