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The evolution of NAVIGATOR continues. Version 6.8 includes not only improvements but also a lot of new features to streamline daily work. KSeF update, currency panel, undo circulation step and much more.


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New features

  • List configuration has been expanded. Creating lists based on document types and defining filters using the column wizard is now even easier.
  • A variety of column types have been added that include: form fields, system elements related to workflow and columns based on list-generating functions.
  • KSeF update implements schema version 2.
  • A new action type – end of the process – is available in a workflow. From now on, it is possible to define conditions on the workflow path and form state depending on how the process ended.
  • The procedure for substitutions has been changed, making it possible to generate them not only for new documents but also for pending ones.
  • The currencies panel is also worthy of interest. From its level, the administrator can add currencies to the system.



  • The invoice adjustment control now allows you to calculate the value on the invoice as an adjustment and the amount after the adjustment.
  • Paper fans (and more) will be able to print workflow history based on a defined MS Word template.
  • A new system variable returns the group ID of the logged-in user.
  • Filters on lists have been expanded to include day, month and year operators.
  • The new version is better at remembering and allows the user to undo a workflow step.

More detailed information is provided in our technical documentation.

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