VDS 2023: summary of the conference on future technologies

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Our unforgettable experience at Valencia Digital Summit 2023 has come to an end, leaving us energized and excited about the future of digital transformation. This international event brought together professionals, students and technology enthusiasts from all corners of the world to discover the latest innovations.

At the NAVIGATOR365 booth, we were privileged to interact with a diverse and dynamic audience. It was an opportunity to introduce NAVIGATOR365, our innovative no-code platform, and demonstrate its potential to redefine the way companies manage and streamline their processes.

The shared enthusiasm and deep interest in the potential of digital innovation left us feeling deeply inspired. We are ready and eager to continue the conversation with those who share our vision of digital transformation.

The Valencia Digital Summit is famous for its focus on sustainability, artificial intelligence, mobility and the future of work. This year, the theme of “Building a Good Future” was echoed in every insightful discussion and presentation, as well as in NAVIGATOR365 – we have developed a new app that helps count the carbon footprint of employees/the entire company. We are happy to be part of a global community that shares our vision of a brighter and more sustainable digital future.

We have more international events on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates!

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