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Company processes optimization through the NAVIGATOR platform

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Company processes optimization through the NAVIGATOR platform | Archman

The necessity of remote work made entrepreneurs realize which processes work efficiently and which are bottlenecks in the company’s everyday tasks. Optimization of business processes is constantly finding ways to speed up the tasks execution time and simplifying procedures so that they bring measurable results by means of transparent actions. A sure way to optimize is to digitize documentation and the company’s procedures. This is where NAVIGATOR’s job begins.


NAVIGATOR is an ECM/Workflow tool, which uses artificial intelligence mechanisms to automate business processes. Those processes include budgeting, handling sales requests and opportunities, electronic documentation, and invoice workflow. NAVIGATOR enables digitalization of documents and their workflows, thanks to which it is possible to analyze which of those processes work according to plan, and which generate unnecessary costs.

The optimization process with NAVIGATOR can be accomplished by means of artificial intelligence algorithms, which are based on deep learning mechanisms, and also by means of those algorithms that use standard procedures and are equally necessary because of saving human work time and minimizing the risk of errors during routine tasks.

What makes this platform different?

NAVIGATOR is a browser-based platform, therefore it does not require any additional installations. Its architecture is easy to maintain, especially for big companies, where the system will be used by several hundred or even several thousand users. The platform is fully responsive, so you can use it comfortably from any type of device. Even the mobile version is a browser-based platform and does not require downloading or installation, and it has all functionalities of the standard version.

NAVIGATOR, as a fully customizable tool, is designed for the market’s changing realities. Its functioning is based on a low-code/no-code paradigm, which means that it can be easily adapted to the needs of a company with little or no programming knowledge. It can support process efficiency as a tailored tool, adapted to already existing procedures inside the company. This is crucial as it does not require fundamental changes from the beginning of the implementation to give measurable results. In the course of time, when process analysis shows where the critical points are, NAVIGATOR will also adjust to new workflows without additional implementation costs.

How to use NAVIGATOR to optimize processes in a company?

Process optimization in a company can take various forms. A common way of using NAVIGATOR is the support of electronic document workflows. The process starts with creating a template for the document to process. The templates may be assigned to a particular activity or a contractor. Adding a document can be done in seconds, during which NAVIGATOR, using Data Capture service, scans and automatically transcribes the form data.

Both the creation of templates and the data capture method significantly reduces time compared to performing the same actions analogously, on paper. In addition, NAVIGATOR has its own automated document archive, which assigns and safely stores a given document within seconds. A system of authorizations, which allows to assign, inherit and control access to display and edit a given document, will take care of data security.

NAVIGATOR gives much more possibilities than just document processing. The process of optimization of activities in a company can concern any area which follows a top-down algorithm of proceedings. A good example is task and project management. The platform allows planning all activities in advance so that employees know at which stage of the project they are. The system also informs who is responsible for a given task, where any delays occur, and how long subsequent stages take. Automation in this scope concerns verification, where the so-called bottlenecks occur, that is those elements of the project which stop the progress of other tasks, take more time than was expected, and generate unnecessary costs. NAVIGATOR allows for constant modification of task flow, thanks to which it can be adjusted to optimization conclusions at any time.

Optimizing company processes also means making small changes that will revolutionize existing habits. For example, the use of an electronic signature. Printing, signing, and archiving a document is a process that, moved completely to an electronic platform, takes much less time, resulting in lower costs and increased security of stored data.

Get to know more about Electronic Workflow, AI, Business Intelligence and No-code applications in NAVIGATOR system


Approaches to optimization are as varied as many companies are. Which strategy to embrace depends on the company’s current needs and priorities. Optimizing individual processes is a never-ending task because there will always be an element that can be done more simply, quickly, or efficiently. This is what the strength of ECM class systems is based on. They are easy to maintain and do not generate additional costs in case of continuous changes of requirements concerning their operation. The functioning of a company is only as effective as it consists of well-thought-out and efficiently operating component processes. That is why attention to detail is the key to success in optimization processes.

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