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NAVIGATOR has been succesfully implemented in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

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We are proud to announce that KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. has succesfully implemented the NAVIGATOR system. It is out biggest cooperation yet, which dates back to middle 2020. KGHM for over 60 years has been building the position of a leader in copper and silver production. Security, teamwork, responsibility, result-driven and courage are the companys crucial values. Currently it is not only one of the biggest Polish enterprises, active on biggest Polish stock market WIG20, but also they are the world leaders in Copper and Rafinated Silver production.

State before implementation of NAVIGATOR in KGHM

For an average task, the Department of Research and Development generated around 30 different documents. Each one of them required hand preparation, printing and signing. In addition every task had to be manually inserted into Excel and then in the same file there had to be a realization state shown from time to time. This process was not only highly time-consuming, but also error prone. What’s more, it required profound knowledge of the Research and Development statute, which made it impossible to delegate those tasks to less experienced employees. Gathering signed and accepted documents in paper form and sending them through internal mail was another factor that strains the performance of tasks in time.

Project goals

  • Divergency from paper form
  • Electronic workflow
  • Electronic signatures
  • Process automation

We’ve been preparing for this project for quite some time, that is 1,5 year. The solid planning resulted in effective implementation – says Piotr Spaliński, Main Engineer in the Research and Development Department. – In this time I personally took part in many conferences dedicated to electronic document workflow. Thanks to that I had a solid overview of solutions available on the market with what they offer. Both the range and the expectations for the solution were stated very precisely. From the early beginning Archman employees were open for all the suggestions and notes. To be honest it took us a while to “learn” each other(mostly they learned us), but the start of work was smooth.

Implementation of NAVIGATOR in KGHM

Implementation was divided into 4 stages and conducted in the form of Agile. In the first state the prototype was created, which later on was being upgraded and corrected. Every stage was ending with system tests. The project meetings took place on small teams in Lubin and Cracków, however the tests and receptions were conducted remotely. At the end of every stage, the system was being presented to particular stakeholder groups, who made suggestions. The whole implementation took 1,5 year, exactly how it was planned. It was done in an accepted budget and all the listed delivered items were delivered. Also there have been additional changes to reach expectations and the quality of the solution.

Preparation for the implementation Taking part in industry conferences Building awareness of the need for change in organizations Process designing Implementation Division into 4 stages Optimization of system in every step Different stakeholder groups engagement in acceptance tests Trainings and workshops Production start Full transition into electronic system Constant process optimization NAVIGATOR KGHM

Effects of the implementation of NAVIGATOR in KGHM

  • Implementation of the ICT service “EOIF system sharing”
  • Digitalization of 25 workflow processes
  • Automatic generation of 30 Word documents realized in Research and Development process
  • Implementation of inside handling and qualified digital signature
  • Integration of system with AD
  • Report automation based on solutions data Warehouse

The biggest challenge was the understanding of our procedures, which are not easy, but thanks to analytical work we managed to obtain the effect of synergy – we optimized processes while keeping to the formal requirements. The success was the result of equal team cooperation and the flagship IT product offered by Archman – high quality NAVIGATOR platform, which stands out with the high quality of the product and the stability of the solution.

Piotr Spaliński

Main Engineer in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

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