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Webinar for developers: Implementing a Budgeting System

Category: Previous events
Implementing a budgeting system

This February we will start a new series of workshops for NAVIGATOR developers and implementers. The series of four webinars will start with training on budgeting system implementation – our expert will present how to configure worksheets (including Excel), budget tree, write actions, and finally how to connect to the system data warehouse.

Budgeting in NAVIGATOR is distinguished by its flexibility and functionality. The system allows you to create multiple scenarios for any document, manage the planning process and automatically compile plans in real-time.


  1. Setting up dynamic worksheets
  2. Writing actions for dynamic budgets
  3. Configuring Excel worksheets
  4. Configuring years, scenarios, dictionaries
  5. Configuring a budget tree
  6. Connecting to the system data warehouse

The webinar will be held in Polish. After the workshop part, as always, we will answer your questions.

Participation in the event is free but requires registration.

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Date: 24.02.2022
Place: online
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