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Rapid Application Development in NAVIGATOR: bidding module

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Rapid Application Development in NAVIGATOR | Events Archman

This meeting addresses sales departments, sales managers, and people involved in the bidding process in the company.

Another webinar will be devoted to bidding module development in NAVIGATOR. We will demonstrate how to design a simple offer form and the workflow process for this document. This application will improve the work of many sales managers, who struggle daily with preparing individual and dedicated sales offers, negotiating sales terms and conditions, or setting margins for customers.

During the meeting, we will present:

  1. Application store module.
  2. Start of application development.
  3. Sample offer form design.
  4. Category creation for offers, including an explanation of how to manage permissions in a selected category.
  5. List design for the offer module.
  6. Offer module design.
  7. Simple approval procedure development.

Finally, we will see how the workflow procedure works under the bidding module.
Should you need a solution that enables efficient customer contact management and sales notes handling, we recommend our CRM application for sales managers. You can read more about it in our article: Sales management application as an irreplaceable tool for the Sales Manager.


Dominik provides a professional service for NAVIGATOR production environments and makes sure our customers are fluent in using the fundamental functionalities of the system.

The webinar will be held in Polish. Participation is free of charge after prior registration here.

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Date: 10.12.2020
Place: online
Speakers: Dominik Bańbuła
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