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No-code application development in NAVIGATOR: a purchase request application

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No-code application development in NAVIGATOR: a purchase request application | Archman Events

The purchasing process is one of the most important operational aspects for medium and large companies. During our next webinar, we will present how to create an application for handling purchase requests in less than an hour without the help of a programmer using the rapid application building module in NAVIGATOR.

Using the RAD app builder in NAVIGATOR, we can effortlessly transform our idea for an application streamlining any business process into a real working solution. What is most important, we do not need to learn how to code. All elements of the application we can design in a comfortable visual editor.

Application development in NAVIGATOR is similar to building with LEGO bricks. You need to simply drag and drop the right blocks into the right places. During the upcoming webinar, we will show you how simple and intuitive it is.

Meeting agenda:

  1. Application store module.
  2. Start of application development.
  3. Sample purchase request form design.
  4. Category creation for purchase requests, including an explanation of how to manage permissions in a selected category.
  5. List design for the purchase requests module.
  6. Purchase requests module design.
  7. Simple approval procedure development.

The webinar will be held in Polish. After the presentation part, according to our tradition, we will answer your questions.

Participation is free of charge after prior registration here.


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Computational Engineering graduate and master’s student majoring in Computer Science and Econometrics at AGH University of Science and Technology. In the company, she combines the work of a junior Workflow systems specialist with the role of programmer. She is responsible for implementing NAVIGATOR for, among others, a Latvian client. Programming has become her passion, and so she constantly expands her knowledge in programming language C#. If she isn’t working or programming, she plays basketball.

Date: 13.05.2021
Place: online
Speakers: Gabriela Ciołek
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