KSEF and Artificial Intelligence: a webinar for effective invoice management!

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KSEF and Artificial Intelligence: a webinar for effective invoice management! NAVIGATOR

ChatGPT, Google Bart, DALL-E. Artificial intelligence is present everywhere. From employees in the marketing department to students in elementary schools, almost everyone caught the wave of curiosity about new tools. Companies that harness the power of AI are companies that will outperform their competition.

On July 27, you will find out how your organization, by switching to the new KSEF invoice management system, can simultaneously implement artificial intelligence tools.


  • Automation of the circulation of purchase invoices
    • demonstration of the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function;
    • introduction of the Data Capture process (data capture);
    • presentation of how recommend fields work based on the analysis of the text of the attachment;
  • Documents processing in AI hot folder and AI email scanner
    • capturing and processing documents affecting the e-mail box;
    • presentation of mass processing of documents;
    • intelligent splitting of invoices using the File splitter service;
  • Introduction to the polish National e-Invoice System (KSeF)
    • clarification of the role of KSeF in streamlining the invoice circulation process;
    • structured invoices – concept and meaning;
    • issuing sales invoices and delivering them to KSeF;
    • automatic receipt of purchase invoices from KSeF.


The event is free, but requires prior registration on the organizer’s website. Webinar will be held in Polish.

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Right now is beggining to write his master's thesis in Informational Management at Jagiellonian University. Michał loves playing billiards, board games and is a huge e-sports fan.

Date: 27.07.2023
Place: online
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