Wdrożenia Archman

We have been cooperating with Sanden Manufacturing Poland since 2018.

Main NAVIGATOR features implemented in Sanden Manufacturing Poland are:

  • Data warehouse based on the data from the SAP system, as well as flat files and Excel.
  • Budgeting of costs, sales, production and investment.
  • Number of users: approx. 50.

About the company:

Sanden Manufacturing Poland is a company belonging to the Japanese holding SANDEN HOLDINGS CORPORATION – a leading global manufacturer of compressors for car air conditioning. Annually, approximately 3 million compressors are produced in Polkowice, that are later supplied to the european largest car manufacturers, including Volkswagen, GM, Volvo, Jaguar and Ford. The company currently produces over 50% of the PX compressors manufactured by the Sanden group in Europe.