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Budgeting and Analytics

Category: Previous events
Budgeting and Analytics webinar. Archman

We’re pleased to invite you to our webinar, during which we will show how to automate and simplify the budgeting process using dynamic budget sheets, automatic consolidation, budget execution reporting via pivot tables, and many other features.


  • Reports creation based on documents repository (using an analytical description to create multidimensional reports in the form of pivot tables and dashboards)
  • Types of budget sheets. Dynamic and Excel sheets
  • Budgeting automation features (e.g. salaries calculation based on employees’ contracts repository)
  • Budgets approval procedures
  • Budgets consolidation in the data warehouse
  • Budget execution reporting. Planned and spent budget comparison with the possibility of data sorting according to various dimensions.

The webinar will be held in Polish.

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Has been working with the implementation of IT systems supporting management for 15 years. He specializes in Business and Workflow solutions. Enthusiast of using AI to support business processes. Archman’s CEO and chancellor of College of Economics And Computer Science in Cracow.