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Benefits of an electronic workflow

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Advantages of using an electric workflow Archman

Along with technological development, the way of organizing work and data flow also started changing. More and more entrepreneurs acknowledge flaws that come from using a traditional workflow and leave it in favor of electronic systems. If you also want to streamline document circulation in your company, in this article you will learn about all the profits of electronic workflow and find out why it is worth choosing.

Electronic workflow – how does it work?

Electronic workflow is a system through which you can transfer all of your documentation to an electronic version and perform all the proceedings related to them from the platform. In order for this to work, NAVIGATOR uses Artificial Intelligence mechanism that automates document mangament system. To make it possible, the software uses an artificial intelligence mechanism to automatize the document management system. Using the Workflow engine, the system automatically executes actions and based on the results, undertakes the next steps.

What are the advantages of electronic workflow?

There is a plethora of advantages that come from using electronic workflow. Beginning with accessibility and convenience, through improving the work, up to increasing the safety, it provides benefits to both the employers and the employees. It’s also very versatile and universal – it can be tailored to any business no matter the size or industry, so any company can benefit from this solution.

Increasing efficiency

One of the most important perks of this method is increasing work efficiency. Thanks to process automation, dividing projects and document management gets much easier and more pleasant. We don’t have to write the documents by hand anymore, print them, manually transfer from one place to another and enter them into the system, because a few mouse clicks are enough. Using the platform for electronic workflow allows executing even a few actions in one go, like sending the file to multiple people at the same time, which would be impossible with the traditional method with paper documentation. It also allows decreasing the time searching documents and speed up the recruitment processes. It significantly improves the work of all the subjects, saving their time, which they can spend on next tasks.

The decreasing number of errors

It’s natural that everyone makes mistakes. Even if we are specialists in our field or have already performed the task many times before, smaller or bigger mistakes are unavoidable. It’s usually nothing serious, but fixing them stops us for some time and slows down our work. But once we eliminate the human element from the part of processes that can be done by a machine, we will notice that it will affect the number of errors made while creating and processing documents. Of course, we can’t entirely overcome all the aberrations, however, the system can learn from processed documents, so it can effectively improve the quality of the work performed.

Easy data accessibility

Another advantage of electronic workflow is the facilitation of data accessibility. Storage of the company’s files around one platform means that all necessary data and documents are always at hand and can perform all the needed tasks from there. It’s a huge convenience, especially nowadays, when many firms have moved to remote working. Furthermore, some of the workflows systems are made on a web browser, so that the only thing we need is a wifi connection and can have access to all the documents online, from any place of the world.

Protection from data loss

Safety and data protection is the basis of every company, that’s why it’s so important to choose an appropriate way of document management. The traditional method of using paper files is very uncertain because they’re exposed to damage or fall into the wrong hands. The right document workflow system is the one that, which apart from its functionality also provides security of transmitted data and archived documents thanks to multi-level access control and managing who has access to specific files.

Reduction of accounting costs

Using the workflow software favorably affects also the accounting department. We can forget about the piles of invoices in binders and cabinets full of documents because all of it is in one place, which significantly lowers the costs and makes the job easier. Integrated with the documents, and sometimes even with the bank, the payment module allows monitoring the finance, including planning and analyzing the budget based on the documents from the workflow and approving of the cost invoices.


All of these characteristics make the electronic workflow currently the best and most profitable solution for firms. Implementation of the suitable IT tool will not only save time and money but will also improve the quality of performed tasks and allow focusing on growth and perfecting offered services.

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