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Business Process Modeling in company

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Projects and modeling of business processes in moder enterprises become a common practice, which allows for work improving in many parts of company activity. Everyday, each enterprise make a lots of decision, which could have importance in the future. Analysis and business process modeling give possibility for efficiency improving of whole organization, throughout planning, controlling and improving implemented processes. Classic, visual business process modeling is already in BPMN 2.0 standard (Business Process Model and Notation)

What is Business Process Modeling?

Business Process Modeling is activity which is inside of enterprise, aimed on projects and process implementation, for example purchassing process, having all steps of placing orders or enterprise resources management process. Model of process gives possibility for showing all steps in each process in graphic method and match these for organization needs, see abnormalities and steps that could be improve.

What are the objectives of business process modeling?

Business modeling is aimed on find the most optimal solution for a operations which take place in enterprise. Specific plan of actions on the different parts of process, allows for define the main aspects of project, throughout of realization and level mistakes that occur. Creating of business process runs in clear way for all employees which take part in process so as to operation taking in organization, gives as many benefits as possible with reduce all bottlenecks and difficulties.

Methods of Business Process Modeling

Business Process Modeling in most cases based on graphic method to showing all specific parts in process. Business Process Modeling in NAVIGATOR system allows for fast and easy projects for example purchase invoice including all decidents or making process model, that allowing for realization contractor’s order or purchase way including price limit and responsible people in process.

What are the uses of business modeling?

Each worker, who think about “how describe business processes in enterprise” has oportunity for trying to create any graphic process which makes it easier for others to understand toghether discussed process. There are many ways to using of business model but it is important to focus on areas where modeling and optimization have a special importance.

Business Process Modeling examples:

  • Purchasing processes
  • Enterprise Resources Management processes like materials or financial
  • Decision process on different level
  • Logistic process for example restructuring
  • Organization process in project realization

Main rules of modeling business processes

Modeling and analysis of business processes as every processes also have own rules, which keeping lead to efficient and effective goals realization. Basically it is necessery to remember that business processes modeling is activity that needs logical thinking, planning skills, coordinate ability and minimum of, process making software, sector and industry knowledge, where the process is making. Business Processes Modeling in project should be reduced to simplest form so as to everyone after short introducing, could recognize in discussed process. Good to remember that maximum reduce of business process structure shouldn’t be done without quality aspect in projected process. Business Process modeling serves creating and implementation of  improvement and clear definition specific steps in process. Process diagram shouldn’t be very complicated, at the same time it musn’t be void of the most needed elements. It’s important through the projects of process to include the real risk of possibility to implement a given solution, because the risk of impossible implementation is high.

Advantages of Business Process Modeling

The most important advantages of business process modeling are fast working with model (add, modification, delete steps of process up to date), posibility of immediately verification of results by simulation and access to modification of model structure any time if current process won’t be correct. One of the most advantage is strong connection of business process with enterprise process in real life, which increase a chance for success.

Business process modeling is absolutely perfect source of improvement and verification of procceses which are carried out. Possibility of projects and modification processes causes that current in enterprise processes could be improve. New ideas of workers could be visualization and describe to management.

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