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Which BI solutions in NAVIGATOR?

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Which BI solutions in NAVIGATOR

Data was always a crucial element in company management. No matter if we are talking about cups of coffee sold by a bakery on mondays or capacity of regional warehouses for an automotive company, every business can profit from data analysis, meaning its storing and interpretation.

Many organizations have changed towards a data driven management model, because of the ability to make objective decisions based on statistics. But with so much information around, how not to get lost in it? BI type solutions come with a helping hand.

BI – Business Intelligence is a set of procedures, structures and tools, which together transform raw data into useful knowledge, helping companies to make rational business decisions, come up with solutions and as an effect turn as much profit as possible.

How does BI system work in NAVIGATOR?

Firstly, the data is being downloaded from various sources. Those can be:

  • ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Domain systems (ex. CRM, MES, Workflow)
  • or even casual files (ex. Excel)

Then, all the content is being sent to the data warehouse, which is a central database, where information is being cleaned and organized. This warehouse is a well-known technology, cheap to maintain on a personal server.

On this database we create an analytical layer. This level is a workplace for analytics, managers and specialists. Technically speaking these are the OLAP models (widely known as OLAPs cubes) or tabular models (Im-memory).

You can ask, why all of this? Can’t we just analyze it directly from the base? Here are the few problems resulting with this idea:

  • Speed of report generating
  • Data access authorization
  • indicators counted “on the go”
  • Advanced statistics
  • Prediction models
  • The barrier of SQL language

That’s why a well prepared analytical layer makes data analysis much easier.

Why is it worth it to choose NAVIGATOR BI solutions?

NAVIGATOR is a complex low-code platform for document management and process automation, equipped with Business Intelligence and Machine Learning functionalities.

NAVIGATOR system has everything what you need for effective planning and data analysis:

  • Professional 3-layer data warehouse architecture

This structure of data aggregation is based on building many tematic warehouse patera containing increasingly higher data aggregation levels. This way the data from new patera are being calculated based on the data from previous layers.

The main advantage of layer architecture is data optimization in tematic warehouses. That allows for quicker detailed comparisons calculation, since bigger calculation spread prevents redundancy.

  • Efficiency guaranteed by OLAP or In-Memory technology

OLAP technology allows us to look at data from different perspectives (detail or as a while) and do IT in the time unreachable for traditional SQL reporting. Multidimensional models are especially valuable in the case of huge datasets calculation.

In case there is a need for data analysis shown tabularly, we can also use In-Memory model. The name In-Memory means that data is being stored in the WWW server memory instead of datasets server. It allows user to access the data quicker.

  • Work in Excel or browser

Do you feel overwhelmed with technology changes? You don’t have to change all of your practises, because we also offer a possibility to work in Excel or on the browser sheet.

Embedded Excel sheets have been shown in a video Budget management.

  • Advanced cost and revenue accounting schemes

Go ahead and transfer from a traditional model – to a modern one, where all the documents are going from desk to desk electronically. With NAVIGATOR you will modulate your document workflow and shorten waiting time for document signing.

  • Support for different budgeting models

Design uncommon actions for various budgeting types, define document workflow procedurę and see the results of your work in reports.

If you prefer Excel, in NAVIGATOR you have an option to build a calculation sheet directly info your budget.

  • Permissions

Complex permissions system is one of the safety elements provided by NAVIGATOR.

Direct user permissions, organizational structure, group affiliation or duties in the system can be used to define if the user has access to a particular system element (ex. document, dictionary, budget etc.). In addition, permissions can directly influence positions, such as document category, task structure or budgets.

NAVIGATOR allows for swift data analysis in the company 

Thanks to functionalities shown above, NAVIGATOR is one of the European market leaders for low-code solutions. We have been trusted by companies such as: GROHE, VIESSMANN or KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. 

How to implement NAVIGATOR in your company?

Feel free to message us. We will set up a meeting with you. If you want to learn more about implementation process, we elaborated on this topic in the FAQ section.

What kind of companies can benefit from NAVIGATOR’S BI system?

NAVIGATOR is a solution for medium and kartę companies. This platform is not dedicated to a particular market.

Up to this point, the platform has already worked well in companies: production, trade, service, logistics, transport, administration, finance or IT.

NAVIGATOR supports multi-companies making it easy to work even between different legal entities.

The limitations of NAVIGATOR are related with the browser technology and the access to the internet. There are conditions, where those circumstances can be an obstacle (ex. transport, production etc.).

When is IT worth it to implement NAVIGATOR?

It’s worth to implement NAVIGATOR if:

  • the process of document exchange in your company causes problems in the workflow
  • you want to manage documents more easily and with transparency
  • your company have repeatable tasks that can be automated
  • you are the enthusiast of automation and digital transformation
  • you want to gain the advantage over your competition
  • you want to speed up the document signing process
  • you want to have an access to complex data analytics


In conclusion, NAVIGATOR is a complex low-code tool equipped with cutting edge Business Intelligence technology, chosen by leaders in various different markets. In our article we described the Business Intelligence functionalities, which helps businesses in a professional data analytics.

If you are interested in our Business Intelligence module, we encourage you to contact us through a form.

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