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What’s new in NAVIGATOR | version 6.4

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What’s new in NAVIGATOR | version 6.4

This year Santa visited us much earlier, bringing the new 6.4. version of the system. What has been added to NAVIGATOR this time?

Calendars inside the system have been rebuilt. Next to the basic functionality of displaying a list in the form of a calendar, we added a new feature that lets you add documents directly from a calendar.

Questionnaires have also been rebuilt and freshened. Now questionnaires are easier to create and analyze, with the new functionality allowing you to view questionnaires results.

Two new actions have also been added. Action “Start workflow” as the name suggests is used as a starting point of the workflow, while “Synchronize mailbox” action allows us to download mails during the workflow or in the form.

From now on there is also a possibility to preview native HTML documents, the same way as with graphic files or WORD and PDF documents.

We changed the mechanisms of choosing the executor at the workflow step. In the workflow there is an option to set a particular step to the supervisor of the documents owner or the person who started the workflow. This configuration came with a problem – there are employees who do not have a supervisor. In the new version of the system, NAVIGATOR checks if the person has a supervisor and if not – it leads the workflow to this person instead of the supervisor.

In recognized fields new attribute fields are displayed now. If this field gets recognized, the assigned value automatically gets put into the fields in the documents form. It’s not always a desired outcome, sometimes we would like to have an option of managing what we want to be filled.

System modification causes the mechanism to work the same way as the fields that were never transcribed from the sample document. In settings there has been added an option: Fields that will not be transcripted after OCR recognition”

Other changes implemented in a new actualization:

  • In the list configuration embedded in a form there has been added an option to filter list based on a choice fields
  • In a harmonogram of notifications we added new option of notifications – last working day of the month
  • An option for copying fields between forms has been expanded with a possibility to copy the list of attributes
  • On the system lists there has been added a new column, which enables easy document finding from archive files
  • The way of saving attachments changes history has been updated
  • In the current version we changed a mechanism of assigning substitutions. Now it’s possible to assign a substitution only for the positions being in the same organizational structure
  • In the workflow procedure configuration of selecting the executor of the action now it’s possible to choose an element from the groups list.

The NAVIGATOR system is being constantly updated and improved. We are doing our best to keep it up-to-date and suitable for companies needs. If you have an idea to improve our platform, or to suggest a new functionality, feel free to contact us through our email:

We wrote more about technical details of the actualization in our technical documentation.

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