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Smart documentation management

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We could be talking and talking about documentation management in a company, but the topic will never come to an end. There is always something that we can do, to optimize or automate our work with documents. Access to the right information at the right time is a massive challenge for today’s business, which is so full of random data flowing in from different departments.

That’s why we decided to face this problem with our partner BPC GUIDE and organize a webinar directed to Smart Documentation Management. It will be conducted by our sales leader Mateusz Illg. Save the date: 23.08.2022 at 09:15 CEST.

The agenda:

  • Integration with popular tool and external data sources (API): VIES, GUS, Biała Lista Podatników, KSeF;
  • Digital Documents Workflow in a company;
  • Documentation management in business;
  • Document digitization and the creation of clear document repository;
  • Organizational structure and authorization management (Data safety);
  • Processing procedure building and electronic workflow designing;
  • Workflow automation of cost invoices and other documents with the usage of Machine Learning (OCR+AI);
  • Creating and working on documents and automatic generation of Word, Excel, PDF printouts;
  • Digital signature usage.


The webinar will be held in Polish. It is free to join, but requires prior registration.

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Right now is beggining to write his master's thesis in Informational Management at Jagiellonian University. Michał loves playing billiards, board games and is a huge e-sports fan.

Date: 23.08.2022
Place: online
Speakers: Mateusz Illg
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