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Sales management application as an irreplaceable tool for the Sales Manager

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In the world dominated by technology, we use devices, applications, and information from the Internet at every level of our lives. Notebooks, calendars, photocopied documents, and a lot of other papers are forgotten because in the 21st century we can fit everything we need at work on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. It is no different in the case of the work of a sales representative who no longer needs an assistant or secretary because they have an application for traders, which makes their work much easier.

What CRM features traders need?

First of all, a better organization of the working day

An application for traders allows you to easily manage the working day. Thanks to the extensive CRM system, it is possible to create and plan projects and tasks, as well as introduce e-mail messages and internal alerts. It is very important that the mobile application saves the history of orders and generates reports. The RAD application wizard is an additional tool that makes the work of traders much easier. The wizard allows you to build your own application in a very short time. The applications created in the wizard are safe and do not take up much space.

Secondly, access to customer information

In addition to saving the full history of customer contacts, thanks to the application for traders, it is possible to complete the contractor’s file based on the results from the Central Statistical Office and generate an offer or contract document according to the data from the form. The system reminds you of meetings with customers, and also allows you to issue recurring invoices and sends them automatically. It also has the function of analyzing the activity of traders and sales opportunities using dashboards.

What does a sales representative need?

Version for mobile devices

A mobile trader needs to be in constant contact not only with customers but also with colleagues. Due to the fact that the mobile version of the application for traders does not require additional installation, it is possible to use it on a computer, tablet, or phone. Due to the fact that the content and appearance of the system adapts to the screen size, it is available from any device in the same form. An undoubted convenience when using such a mobile application is the built-in messenger, which allows not only group conversations but also ensure safe file transfer.

Integration with other systems in the company

The mobile system for sales representatives seamlessly integrates with other systems operated in the company. The system provides an extensive API, thanks to which you can easily synchronize all files, documents, and files. Integration can take place periodically or online, i.e. every time changes are saved.

Business Navigator in commercial departments

Matching the form to a specific customer

The aforementioned supplementing of the contractor’s file on the basis of the results from the Central Statistical Office and the recording of all matters related to the client is not all that the application for traders enables. The system provides over 20 types of ready-to-use documents, each of which can be individually adapted to your needs. In addition, it is possible to create your own document, including a customer form, which will greatly facilitate the collection and saving of information about a given customer.

Precise document control in the sales process

CRM for merchants greatly simplifies the process of transferring documents between the company and the user and between the sales representative and the customer, as well as enables intelligent management of user rights to the documents. Thanks to the built-in OCR engines, it is possible to transform a scan or photo into a text document, which can then be edited. On the other hand, the Machine Learning technology available in the mobile application is responsible for recognizing and classifying documents and prompts what actions should be taken, and even recognizes risky activities, such as data theft.

The work of sales representatives can be much more pleasant and organized thanks to the Business Navigator mobile application. The wide range of possibilities offered by this system not only facilitates work but above all allows you to have access to all necessary documents, files, and other data always with you – on your phone, tablet, laptop. The integrity and intuitiveness of the application effectively support the activities of salespeople at every stage of their work.

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