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Rapid Application Development in NAVIGATOR

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Rapid Application Development in NAVIGATOR | Events Archman

No-code technology allows for building a complex business application with no need to hire a team of programmers.

The webinar will be held in Polish.

During our webinar, we will demonstrate how in less than an hour, we can develop a full-functioning simple business application using the Rapid Application Development module in NAVIGATOR.

When there is a need for an application aimed to automate business processes, yet the time for development and resources are severely shortened, there is a solution. Visual editors are perfect for transforming an idea of an application into a working solution, using the drag-and-drop method.

Such functionality is provided by NAVIGATOR, which we will take a closer look at during the upcoming webinar.

We will also answer the questions, whether anyone can develop an application in NAVIGATOR, who is the best employee in the company’s structure for assigning such a task to, and whether each functionality concept may be implemented while building an application using no/low-code technology.

Speaker: Yaryna Onishechko – Marketing & PR Manager

Marketing & PR Manager at Archman and the College of Economics and Computer Science in Krakow. Specializes in digital marketing and abroad advertising campaigns. Speaks about technically complex topics in simple words. Supports the idea that language has power, and particularly programming languages.

Participation is free of charge after prior registration here.

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Date: 3.12.2020
Place: online
Speakers: Yaryna Onishechko
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