Polish Defence Holding implements NAVIGATOR

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We are pleased to share the news of our new project – Polski Holding Obronny, a prominent company with extensive experience in the defense industry, has selected NAVIGATOR to automate and optimize its operations. With more than 45 years of experience in the defense, armaments and military equipment trade, Polski Holding Obronny has established itself as a leader in this field.

Polski Holding Obronny specializes in various areas, including optoelectronics, optics, radiolocation and satellite imaging, as well as non-military security and materials and precision manufacturing. It works closely with research institutions and polytechnics to support technological advances in the defense industry.

As part of the implementation, we plan to implement a number of modules to streamline the company’s operations. The planned modules are Office for efficient document management, Financial Documents for efficient handling of financial documents, HR Documents for efficient management of HR documents, and Internal Documents for organization of internal documents.

We are proud to be working with Polski Holding Obronny and look forward to continued fruitful cooperation.

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