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Opoltrans Inc. Implements NAVIGATOR

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Opoltrans Inc. Implements NAVIGATOR | News Archman

We are pleased to announce that Opoltrans Inc. has joined the group of our customers. The implementation began with the launch of one of the most popular workflows – invoice processing. Besides, the project included a registry module aimed at streamlining the recording of incoming and outgoing correspondence and integration with the software used by the company so far – Poczta Polska’s eNadawca and ERP accounting system.

‘We have been cooperating with Opoltrans Inc. since December 2020. The implementation work is always divided into several stages. We start with a detailed pre-implementation analysis to precisely examine the customer’s needs, get to know the organization’s specifics and its processes, and identify points on which we should pay additional attention at the implementation stage.

The implementation stage includes the configuration of modules for invoice processing and managing incoming and outgoing letters. These are typical processes, but it is worth emphasizing that we always focus on custom adaptation to the customer’s needs’, explains Gabriela Ciołek, Archman’s customer service representative.

‘It is worth mentioning that the NAVIGATOR system is practically 100% customizable. Such flexibility enables adjusting the tool to the company’s realities and employees’ habits. We know from experience that tailor-made digital workflows result in higher work efficiency. Therefore, the individual approach is crucial in digital transformation as implementing a fixed complicated tool may not only fail to facilitate well known, routine activities but also make them more difficult’, adds NAVIGATOR implementation specialist.

An important element of the implementation project in Opoltrans are also integrations with used tools. NAVIGATOR gives virtually unlimited possibilities of connecting different data sources within one platform via API. Such a way we will use in the case of Poczta Polska’s eNadawca. We can also handle situations when we do not have access to the programming interface. E.g., with ERP Infor LN accounting system, we will exchange data using SQL views provided by the client.

Opoltrans Inc. is a network of automotive wholesalers, which offers the broadest range of products on the market, stored in warehouses throughout Poland, thus ensuring the availability of products instantly in each branch.

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