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No-code Application Development in NAVIGATOR

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No-Code Application Development in NAVIGATOR | Archman Events

There is always hidden an idea for solving a specific problem under the layer of incomprehensible lines of application code. Therefore, knowing a programming language is just a tool to start bringing an idea to life.

For those who know what application they need but don’t have time to learn the syntax of a programming language, we have created RAD App Builder in NAVIGATOR.

We will present its user-friendly interface during our webinar.

When there is a need for an application aimed to automate business processes, yet the time for development and resources are severely shortened, there is a solution. Visual editors are perfect for transforming an idea of an application into a working solution, using the drag-and-drop method.

During the meeting, we will present how in less than an hour, using the intuitive visual editor of RAD App Builder in NAVIGATOR, develop a simple business application that you can start using immediately.

After the presentation part, according to our tradition, we will answer your questions.


The webinar will be held in German. Participation is free of charge after prior registration here.


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Date: 25.02.2021
Place: online
Speakers: Anna Balasa
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