New Case Study: Delivery and Implementation of the Electronic Document Management and Workflow System at GROHE

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We are pleased to announce that a new Case Study showing the implementation of NAVIGATOR at GROHE has appeared on our website. We encourage you to read it!

GROHE, being the world’s leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings, focuses on introducing innovative products based on the values of technology, quality, design and sustainability. Over the past decade, GROHE has won more than 240 awards for design and innovation and has been recognized as one of “Germany’s most sustainable large companies.” GROHE products have found their place in prestigious architectural projects around the world.

Faced with the challenges posed by the pandemic, GROHE made the strategic decision to implement NAVIGATOR to effectively digitize documentation processes, eliminate paper forms and increase overall organizational efficiency. With NAVIGATOR, the company has achieved greater efficiency in document management, reduced document processing time, and ensured consistency and efficiency in document management at different levels of the organization.

To learn more about the Case Study of NAVIGATOR implementation at GROHE, please read the full Case Study.

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