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NAVIGATOR DevOps – workshops for developers

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NAVIGATOR DevOps - workshops for developers | Archman

We are pleased to announce that this year we are starting a new series of webinars, which is aimed at developers and implementers of the NAVIGATOR system as well as those who are interested in the system.

Recent years have shown that programming has become an important part of modern life which, over time, has evolved into a new branch – Citizen Development.

A citizen developer is a person who creates IT solutions without coding. The emergence of this position is a result of the so-called “democratization of IT” – technological advances in automation and the creation of low-code platforms. This is related to the shortage of programmers and the continuous increase in the cost of their work.

Our webinar series is directed to those responsible for creating new applications and workflow schemes using the NAVIGATOR system. Our experience shows that such knowledge is useful for companies that already use NAVIGATOR and want to build additional modules adjusted to their specific needs. Our experts, who work with the system on a daily basis, will guide you through the implementation of budgeting, writing add-ons, and other processes that allow you to expand the system.

The webinar schedule is as follows:

24.02 – Implementing the budgeting system – registration

03.03 – Automation through actionsregistration

07.04 – Reporting in NAVIGATORregistration

21.04 – Writing add-onsregistration

The webinars will be held in Polish.

Participation in the webinars is free provided you register in advance.

See you soon!

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