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Intelligent documentation management and workflows handling of budget and data analyzing

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Intelligent documentation management and workflows handling of budget and data analyzing

The companies are generating larger and larger amounts of data and information of any type. Those can be gathering not only in ERP systems, but also in other complementary applications that are either integrated with ERP system or not. Entrepreneur, that wants to make business decisions rightly and competently, ever so often is met not with just the lack of information, but with the lack of access to such an information. 

Data that is received too late or is imprecise significantly disrupts the actual state for the manager, what can result with bad decisions which can sometimes be crucial from the business point of view. Unfortunately there are still many organizations that are trying to manage business by intuition oftentimes resulting in decisions conflicting each other. 

We invite the board, companies management and people co-responsible in decision making process when it comes to informatic solutions, to participate in Webinar. 

The event will be held by Marcin Kowalki – CEO of Archman sp z o.o. and Mateusz Illg – Sales Leader PL Archman Sp z o.o. It will start at 9:15, 31 of May. 


  • Electronic registration and document workflow (invoices, requests, contracts, etc); 
  • Work automation tools with the usage of AI: OCR, documents classification, transferring data to form; 
  • Electronic archive and integration with external systems; 
  • Complex tool set for building of professional Business Intelligence solutions; 
  • Budget proces optymalizator with the usage of budget sheets, flows procedures and scenarios; 
  • Budget consolidation in data warehouse and reporting; 
  • Integration with KSeF (The National e-Invoice System). 


Webinar will be held in Polish. 

The event participation is free, but requires registration in front. 

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Date: 31.05.2022
Place: online
Speakers: Marcin Kowalski, Mateusz Illg
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