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HR Software for Employment Management and Soft Process Modelling

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HR Software for Employment Management and Soft Process Modelling | Blog Archman

Human Resources departments more and more often are facing challenges regarding regulation reconciling. Not each HR activity could be performed remotely upon the current economical restrictions. Therefore, there is one crucial question each company should answer honestly. Is it enough to use one payroll system, or should we look for another software that will automate the rest of the HR department tasks? Let’s analyze the situation carefully before we say the answer out loud:

What kind of support do HR departments need?

Currently, there are many applications dedicated to solving specific problems concerning personnel management. These are, among others, especially now, the remote recruitment process and its automation, employees’ time management, managing contracts signed electronically, or digitalizing employees’ personal files.

Many software developers are focusing on coming up with a solution that responds to more than one need of HR departments. Nevertheless, only the endless possibilities of the system customization, considering the individual needs of the particular company in the first place, give a competitive advantage that really makes a difference.

Additionally, fully personalized HR supporting tools allow you to manage employees’ qualifications and automate the budgeting process in the future. Moreover, the electronic payroll document archive allows reviewing or verifying contracts and bills promptly.

Is it worth investing in the dedicated HR software?

Popular ERP systems already have a lot of modules supporting HR management, and most of HR and payroll departments know them well. The implementation of a new system is therefore almost always associated with employees’ resistance and their fear of increasing the responsibilities related to configuration and getting to know new software.

Nothing surprising, because most well-known ERP systems rarely allow customizing the needed modules to match the particular industry. This opportunity comes only in pair with the dedicated HR software. The implementation specialists can fully adjust the functionality of the system to the company’s individual needs. Besides, traditional HR and payroll systems do not always offer support services, especially regarding the soft process modeling management. That’s another advantage of the dedicated HR systems.

Today, when remote work seems to be a standard, it is crucial for HR supporting systems to provide employees access to the needed information either in the office and at home, or from anywhere else. Therefore, moving certain processes into online, such as recruitment or contact signing, becomes not merely a necessity, but an opportunity resulting in several valuable benefits. Moreover, data in this kind of system could be effortlessly shared with the particular team members, and organization documentation could be kept in one secure place, which allows to significantly decrease the number of used tools.

The NAVIGATOR system potential in the HR area

The NAVIGATOR platform could be used as an employment management tool.

The system perfectly supports the recruitment process through a dedicated module that allows you to create a personalized recruitment form for the needs of a particular recruitment process or company. How does it look in practice?

Candidates fill in the appropriate form and attach their CV, and the system collects all information in one place. The recruiter, on the other hand, can add remarks to the candidate’s profile, which allows other decisive employees in the particular recruitment process to make an appropriate decision whether to invite a candidate to an interview or reject them. Moreover, the links to the form are shareable, so you can attach them to the job offers published on popular recruitment or company websites. All the sent applications are gathered in one place, which allows quick searching and reviewing with no need to log in to the different data resources.

The NAVIGATOR also supports and optimizes the organization of contracts documentation

The system offers not merely contract approval automation, electronic signature, and archiving functionalities, but e-mail notifications informing about the fact that the contract is about to end, or the employee needs to reconfirm their health status or take a part in a periodic safety training. All those features allow you to avoid unpleasant consequences due to missed deadlines.

Another feature – keeping the documentation in one place – significantly simplify prompt data searching, as well as enables us to share the relevant information with the responsible person.

An additional advantage of the NAVIGATOR system is the possibility of absences tracking, as well as the replacement assignments monitoring. Moreover, the system’s flexibility allows creating a dedicated document type, e.g. for business trips financial management. All the data uploaded by different departments could be easily verified for correctness. The information about completed but not documented business trips will make it simpler for the accounting and HR departments to keep track of their settlement dates.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the system enables integration with the payroll applications, as well as other software supporting HR processes.
Such tools as the NAVIGATOR system become essential for performing team tasks regarding personnel management, especially considering the numerous restrictions due to pandemic. Those significantly improve business processes, starting from the recruitment process up to employees’ daily responsibilities. One is certain – everyone who tries the NAVIGATOR system once will appreciate its functionality immediately.

The University of Economics in Krakow Management graduate with an accounting major. A great example of a perfect alignment of accounting passion and profession. An accountant at Archman Inc. and College of Economics and Computer Science in Krakow. A lecturer sharing her knowledge at WSEI postgraduate courses. Surcharges and remuneration calculation, financial and accounting systems trainer. Currently, IT Project Manager at Archman who has years of experience in NAVIGATOR implementations in companies from different industries. An accountant background gives her a better understanding of what challenges finance departments are facing, and how to respond perfectly to their needs.

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Management graduate with specialization in accounting from the Cracow University of Economics. An accountant by passion and profession (Archman), also plays the role of quaestor for College of Economics And Computer Science in Cracow. Willingly shares her knowledge successfully teaching a class at WSEI postgraduate studies. She is also a coach in the area: calculating markups and remunerations, as well as financial-accounting computer systems. Currently, using her professional experience, fulfills herself as an IT Project Manager in Archman, supporting clients in the implementation of the integration NAVIGATOR system in the accounting area.

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