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How to develop an app without programming skills in NAVIGATOR

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How to develop an app without programming skills in NAVIGATOR | Archman

Developing a tailor-made application that supports business processes is usually associated with high costs, difficulties in acquiring a team of programmers, long-lasting processes as well as pricey maintenance costs. Nevertheless, there is a faster and more affordable way of creating customized software. During our next webinar, we will present the RAD App Builder in NAVIGATOR, which allows for application development in the visual editor with no programmer’s help.

Thanks to no-code platforms, a simple business application development can be entrusted to employees who do not have coding skills, for example, a person who controls the given process and knows it inside out. In less than an hour, we will show you how to design a solution for handling complaints in NAVIGATOR.

The entire process of app building is done using visual editors. This intuitive tool makes creating the solution similar to stacking Lego bricks. The individual elements of the application are added using the “drag and drop” method, which is the basis of visual programming languages.

During the webinar, we will play the role of a person with no programming skills and go through the entire process of creating an application, starting from basic features to a fully functioning application for handling complaints.


  1. Application store module
  2. Start of application development.
  3. Sample complaint form design.
  4. Simple approval and processing procedure development.
  5. List design for the complaints processing module.

The webinar will be held in Polish. After the presentation part, according to our tradition, we will answer your questions.

Participation is free of charge after prior registration here.


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Date: 10.06.2021
Place: online
Speakers: Yaryna Onishechko
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