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How to Build an App Without Developer Help in NAVIGATOR

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Does it make sense to invest in a team of developers every time we need to create a simple business application? There is a much cheaper and faster solution: platforms that provide no-code application development, e.g, NAVIGATOR.

During the upcoming webinar, we will demonstrate how incredibly easy it is. In less than an hour, we will build a simple complaints processing app.

To manage typical enterprise processes, we usually need software with a very similar functional range. Therefore, platforms for application development based on no-code and low-code technologies are becoming more and more popular.

Using, for example, NAVIGATOR, we can automate the programmer’s work instead of engaging them in repeated activities related to developing similar business applications.

Moreover, we can delegate to this task an employee who does not have coding skills. Using the “drag and drop” method in a visual editor, they can easily create a form collecting the necessary data and design the workflow for it.

During the webinar, we will act as just such a person and show you how to build a complaint processing application in less than an hour.


  1. Application store module.
  2. Start of application development.
  3. Sample complain form design.
  4. Simple approval and processing procedure development.
  5. List design for the complaints processing module.

The webinar will be held in Polish. After the presentation part, according to our tradition, we will answer your questions.

Participation is free of charge after prior registration here.


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Date: 15.04.2021
Place: online
Speakers: Yaryna Onishechko
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