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Composable applications or how to make vicious circle not vicious

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Composable applications or how to make vicious circle not vicious

Composable applications is the next trend pointed by Gartner’s Institut as one of the most crucial for 2022. In current times the speed and simplicity of implementation matters, that’s why applications based on modular components are the perfect solutions for companies, which are appreciating the ability to adjust the platform to specific needs.

This will be the first out of two our webinars presented during online conference Gigacon EOIF Summit 2022. In this year Archman is a main sponsor of the event, which is dedicated to the topic of tools to improvements and automatisation of business management. In this year’s edition we will be organizing a contest, where you can win a brand new smartwatch SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4. The webinar will be held by Marcin Kowalski, the CEO of Archman, who will not only tell about composable applications, but will also show how they work in NAVIGATOR.


The event will take place at 27.07.2022 10:05 (CEST) and is completely free, but requires registration in advance. The language of the webinar is Polish.

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Date: 27.07.2022
Place: online
Speakers: Marcin Kowalski
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