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Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions in NAVIGATOR

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Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions in NAVIGATOR | Events Archman

With modern AI and machine learning based algorithms, we can automate routine tasks involving file uploading to the system and its workflow. During the upcoming webinar, we will show you automation possibilities based on AI functionalities, which are implemented e.g. in NAVIGATOR.

An automated document type recognition, data input validation, information extraction to appropriate form fields in the document management system, recommendations of the correct completion of specific lines. These are only some examples of functions supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Why is it worth exploring the potential of software based on artificial intelligence?

First, the use of Artificial Intelligence based functionalities saves an enormous amount of time spent on manual data entry in the ECM system.

Second, the AI module implemented in NAVIGATOR has excellent precision. The OCR and data capture effectiveness reaches up to 95%.


  2. Text Classification in NAVIGATOR.
  3. Data Capture in NAVIGATOR.
  4. Text Analysis, which is part of the AI module.

The webinar will be held in Polish. After the presentation part, according to our tradition, we will answer your questions.

Participation is free of charge after prior registration here.


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Data Scientist in WeDeliverAI team (Archman), enthusiast of mathematics, statistics, and new technologies. Finished AGH University of Science and Technology with a degree in Computer Science and Econometrics; Machine Learning module graduate at WSEI Programming School. In everyday work, he prepares algorithms based on machine learning, used in NAVIGATOR system – solving problems regarding process automation.

Date: 25.03.2021
Place: online
Speakers: Kamil Siwecki
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