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24.01.2019 Roadshow in Katowice

Category: News
Konferencja firmy Archman

How to effectively manage the flow of documents in the organization and analyze business data?

Already on 24/01/2019, we invite you for free workshops from the Business Navigator system! During the workshop, each participant will get access to the web version of the Business Navigator system, in which they will independently conduct the selected business process.

The following issues will be discussed at the meeting:

  1. Automation of the circulation of cost invoices and other internal and incoming documents,
  2. Effective workflow management within the organization (workflow),
  3. Information management in the enterprise (ECM),
  4. Archiving of documents,
  5. How to efficiently report and analyze data from various data sources
  6. without the need to support IT departments,
  7. Planning and budgeting – support of the controlling department,
  8. Data warehouses,
  9. Business Intelligence and building a competitive advantage,
  10. Project management (schedule, milestones).

Agenda of the event:

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Has been working with the implementation of IT systems supporting management for 15 years. He specializes in Business and Workflow solutions. Enthusiast of using AI to support business processes. Archman’s CEO and chancellor of College of Economics And Computer Science in Cracow.

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